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04:28:19 PM Dec 31st 2014
The formatting here makes editing it complete hell. Also, it's annoying to have to mouse over each segment of every Pot Hole.
06:50:30 PM Aug 17th 2013
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11:40:13 AM May 12th 2012
I would like to bring up the issue of the lyrics used in the I Want M Beloved To Be Happy example - according to some translations, they aren't saying Chell, they are saying che la. Should this be changed?
02:43:57 AM Jun 8th 2012
I believe it's both versions, like a pun.
11:28:10 PM Jan 29th 2015
Also, somebody just blindly stuffed the Italian lyrics of the song into Google Translate.
07:22:41 AM Feb 24th 2012
Since I'm unsure, I think I'd better ask before going to the trouble of formatting everything. Are the Three-Laws Compliant and/or "Second Law" My Ass! tropes worth mentioning? It's obvious that GLaDOS is a rogue, non-compliant psychopath, so are these tropes too obvious to mention?
06:27:44 PM Oct 27th 2011
Okay, random question. What is the font usually used for Gla DOS's voice here?
05:53:02 AM Oct 28th 2011
edited by Octagon8
It's the allcaps set of the usually used font here (Arial? Trebuchet?), accessible with [[AC:Text]].
02:20:37 AM Sep 23rd 2011
The formatting of this page makes it too much of a pain to read
07:04:04 AM Sep 23rd 2011
03:11:23 PM Aug 27th 2011
I have no problem with this page's existence, but does it really need the examples? Those belong in the Portal characters page, not on a Just for Fun page. I would suggest cutting the examples entirely; they add nothing to the joke.
08:19:06 PM Aug 27th 2011
Nah, they add to the fun. And they are also on the characters page were they belong, so if you read only one of the articles you are not missing anything.
10:12:35 AM Jun 6th 2011
Use the normal formatting. There are times when using a particular writing style is funny. Just check out character section for Mordin for Mass Effect 2, but the rANdoM C Aps Lo CK formatting on this page just makes is hard to read and not in any way funny.
08:28:17 AM Jun 7th 2011
edited by Fighteer
This is a Just for Fun article; it's allowed to be silly. Don't Like, Don't Read.
01:25:00 PM Jun 23rd 2011
That was really upsetting.
06:46:48 PM Jun 10th 2012
If it were written normally, then the very point of the page's existence will be gone.
02:09:59 PM May 26th 2011
Never mind on the cut request. The page has 7K inbounds. Only question is what to redirect it to.
12:36:55 PM May 26th 2011
Moved to Self Demonstrating namespace per forum discussion.
12:53:55 PM Aug 27th 2010
Since I am new her and do not know the proper way to format the words of a new trope example in the GLaDOS page, I will instead leave this to someone more experienced:

Everything Is An I-pod In The Future fits GLaDOS's design scheme, smooth titanium white shells around glowing eyes, held to a large rotating section of white rims at the "base" except for the thick black cables and support structure of GLaDOS's computer body, she does fit the trope.
05:06:04 PM Aug 14th 2010
re:cut- part 2

I can't find any discussion that explains why this was changed to a redirect nor any things to suggest that this sort of page is met with anything other than approval from the admins nor even that this was a change done by anyone with enough experience of the wiki to think to chase up the wicks and the indices. So actually let's go back to the format that we know everyone has expressed approval for.

As a matter of good thinking, finding that somebody has made something into a redirect does not mean that they wanted it to be cut. The clue is that they made it into a redirect and didn't have it cut. If you suspect that there is discussion and a reason for changing the page, then consult that discussion. If you suspect there is not, then why are you cutting it and not trying to bring it to someone's attention?
10:26:28 PM Aug 14th 2010
I figured someone important had decided "accidental wikiwords do not deserve their own page" and cut it, then someone else with little knowledge of redirect policy and an irrational hatred of the color red had blueshifted it into the first thing they thought of.

It honestly didn't even occur to me to check the discussions... for some reason...
05:12:56 PM May 5th 2010
Morgan Wick: This page's formatting actually reminds me of Torgo.
06:44:22 PM Feb 24th 2013
"It'll bE DA Rk sooN. There is NO waY out of hERe. It'll bE dARk sOON."
02:03:01 PM Apr 29th 2010

Compare Chekov's Gun. Contrast Gray's Anatomy.
04:24:59 PM Apr 29th 2010
Yeah, this sort of page is inevitable. No matter how much we try to coach editors on proper markup, people will forget to put the no-link tags around glados' name, and once every few months someone will try to Blue Shift it. We might as well make a Just for Fun page out of it that instructs people on the proper markup.
12:54:32 PM Jun 5th 2013
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Bad Formatting Is Not Bad: Look at the awesome it gave birth to!
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