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04:28:50 PM May 2nd 2012
It seems that the Quotes page links not to a quotes page for Critical hit the podcast, but Critical Hit, the game mechanic/geeky colloquialism. I'm not sure how to fix this, short of copy-and-pasting all the quotes over to the appropriate page. Anyone know a more elegant way to do it, or is that the only option?
12:49:25 AM May 3rd 2012
There isn't a neat way to do it — there can only be one Quotes.Critical Hit page. There is the same problem with Heroes, as FanficRecs.Heroes is shown as a tab on the main trope page as well as the series page. What you can do is keep Quotes.Critical Hit where it is now, and create the page for Quotes.Critical Hit Podcast, custom-titling it to look like Critical Hit (Podcast). This page would have to be linked to from Podcast.Critical Hit, since having a different name means it wouldn't show up as a tab. There should probably also be a link to it on the Quotes.Critical Hit page, for anyone who's confused.
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