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10:14:59 PM Apr 29th 2012
Removed example:
Monoko, the five-armed girl with one eye dribbling blood in the tunnel in the White Desert. Uboa. Lots and lots of disembodied body parts. The psycho Toriningen. That horrible face through the door past Kyu-kyu-kun's room. The grey city in the Sky Garden. Some of the gateways to other worlds. The room full of critters demonstrating Brownian Motion that you have to go crazy with a knife to get through. Because he deserves mentioning twice, Uboa. The Red Maze, also called "Hell." The monsters you get the hair effects from. Several particularly trippy scenes where you have to walk into a monster's gaping mouth. Anywhere you can't get out of except by waking up. The Medamaude effect. The Nopperabou effect. The car crash. The weird Mayincatec things floating around behing the background. Oh, and UBOA.

It's a mess and it repeats a lot of things, but it also has some unique bits of Nightmare Fuel in it, so I'm keeping it here.
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