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12:16:45 PM Sep 30th 2017
edited by DukeNukem4ever
We should add Lasting Light here.
05:37:04 AM Apr 29th 2012
The following entries have been removed due to lack of detail.
I get freaked out by the ambient sounds. It sounds like there's some sort of enemy waiting just around the corner, ready to jump out at any moment. As in, all you can hear are your footsteps, with the occasional growl. It doesn't help that the sounds aren't predictable. (At least, not without spending a lot of time studying them, which I'm not willing to do.) Also, there's no relation to whether there are enemies nearby in the first place. And no, playing with God Mode on does not help.

Removed because I don't know which game it is for. It was under "Classic Doom", but it mentions footsteps, which suggests Doom 3. (Classic Doom games indeed have some ambient sounds in them.) Obviously, the example would need to be trimmed down from the This Troper stuff anyway.

Second map, with the side maze that has entire sections of blinking lights throwing you into complete darkness. And hearing the breath of the zombies. Come to think of it, any part of any map with badly lit sections, where you hear the zwip of a quick-rising door and the heaving breath of the undead is enough to make you save and quit.

Under the Aliens total conversion. I don't think that mod had any zombies in it, so I think it's for something else.

A big example of Nothing Is Scarier - one of the levels, after all the jump scares that the others had... was completely empty. This resulted in very paranoid muttering during play, since you fully expect something to come out, and when it doesn't...

...Extremely vague. I have no idea if it's even something from Doom.

Unloved. Unloved. Motherfucking Unloved.

X, Just...X
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