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12:36:30 AM Aug 18th 2016
Something is... REALLY aggravating about the fact that smile.jpg is the image (which is a decent image - not too horrifying but scary enough to get the point across)....

And yet the pasta is not once mentioned on this page....?
06:23:13 AM Dec 8th 2016
It is, just under the pasta's actual title "Smile Dog".
10:07:48 AM Apr 26th 2016
Does anyone else feel that the description of "WAKE UP" is as long as, if not longer, than the pasta itself?

That feels kind of counter-productive, in a way.
07:11:10 AM Aug 9th 2014
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Can we do something about the Nightmare Retardant pastas like I HATE YOU, Jeff the Killer, Squidward's Suicide/Red Mist, and Suicidemouse.avi? I understand that Nightmare Fuel is YMMV and all, but these pastas are very clichéd and poorly-written, and BAD CREEPYPASTA can prove that.

07:21:39 AM Aug 9th 2014
Eh, no. Opinions are going to disagree on whether something is creepy or not. Doesn't mean we need to remove stuff.
10:08:48 AM Jun 25th 2014
I'm too lazy to put them down, but while I agree that some creepypasta in the Nightmare Fuel section are very good and I've read them myself, others that might have even been listed as a Creepypasta of the Month should be put on here.

ROOM purely runs on the fear of being alone and trapped in a place that could possibly be called an insane asylum, and eventually becomes rather nihilistic, as expected for a creepypasta.

DOORS is just plain sad involving a murdered family by a serial killer and has a rather unusual plot twist.

Hands is just plain weird... might not be scary for some for it's sheer absurdity but it sure is interesting by giving one hell of a Paranoia Fuel by imagining what it's like to play the sleeper hold vision game yourself with your friends. Then you see that the image of creepy ghost children become real as you have to hold your window down from being open all night to the point of sleep deprivation, EVERY NIGHT until you inevitably have to die. Yeah.

Finally, there's the really long but awesome story Ted the Caver. Incredibly mundane moments and realistic pictures makes it seem like it ACTUALLY happened. Conveniently, there is no picture of the mysterious monster and the pictures of the creepy hieroglyphics deep in the cave get deleted and turned blank... However, noises can be heard in the hole they try to break to get to the other side and a dog they bring along with them even has a sixth sense where it goes from generally cheerful to incredibly scared. The monster even smells like rotting flesh... Then you have things like the monster sliding a rock by itself and pulling the rope used to climb up behind the main protagonist and even when they escape he's haunted by visions. Then it turns out that EVERYONE got haunted. So they go back into the cave. Cue the last journal entry saying he'll be back to make another update but never does. Yeah...
10:10:24 AM Jun 25th 2014
Oh, and also, there's Mr. Widemouth. That one is kind of good.

Something about a weird animal telling a child to do dangerous things, but even the child knows better every time. Oddly enough, the thing is meant to look like a furby though. XD

It turns out that it has led many children to their deaths however, so it's done this thing before...
02:14:18 PM May 2nd 2014
  • The picture converted from the mysterious text file in the MARIO creepypasta is possibly the single most scariest image on the wiki to date. Worse of all is that it could be an actual murder victim. Hell, even the most hardened users were terrified! For the love of god, DO. NOT. LOOK. AT. IT. DO NOT READ THE CREEPYPASTA AT ALL, OR SEARCH IT UP, WHICH IS WHY THE LINK IS NOT PROVIDED. That image will scar you for life.

Can someone at least describe the image so that we won't have to look it up? All you're doing is making people curious.
06:22:26 PM Mar 4th 2014
Please remove the Jeff the Killer photo, it might scare many people and might not be a good example
10:59:42 PM Mar 4th 2014
That it scares people makes it a good illustration, actually.
05:41:41 PM Mar 7th 2014
The page before says that we must not provide information to LINKS, get we got one of the most scary pictures out there, yeah, this seems more like the HYPOCRITICAL OATH
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