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07:11:44 AM Feb 2nd 2011
Ok, I hate to say this, but..... WHY On EARTH noone even mentioned a single thing about his similarities with Naruto yet!? Come on, it's as subtle as a brick on your nose!
10:41:00 PM Feb 4th 2011
They both involve ninjas and have a hero with something powerful sealed inside him, but beyond that they're actually only superficially similar to each other ^^

Naruto is about a hyperactive kid in a fantasy world who wants to become the best ninja ever. It's a battle-type Shounen manga.

Nn O is about an Emotionless Boy in modern-day Japan who wants to become a restaurant owner. It tries to pass itself off as Shounen but completely fails (almost all its fans are female) thanks to its weird lack of battle scenes and crazy amounts of Ho Yay XD

General fan consensus is that Nn O has more in common with Pandora Hearts and Kuroshitsuji than Naruto, actually.
08:29:28 AM Nov 15th 2010
Can anyone confirm the discrepencies between manga and the anime? If their very very different I think I'll look into the manga next.
08:13:58 PM Nov 29th 2010
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I've only read the manga, but...Since the anime ended while the manga was still running, its plot past the middle was completely made up by the anime team. In the manga, Raikou is alive and well, Fog Blue basically has no role past their mini-arc, and...well, it's very very different. And from what I hear, the Ho Yay in the anime is way toned down and less blatant than than it is in the manga. Your Mileage May Vary, but most people think the manga is better.
11:24:54 AM Aug 29th 2010
Does anyone object to me giving Nabari no Ou its own Ho Yay page?

I mean, this is a series that regularly gets mistakenly tagged as Boys Love. I'm kind of surprised that series with relatively puny Ho Yay levels like Death Note and Bleach have their own pages but Nabari doesn't.
11:08:08 PM Sep 11th 2010
YES is has a whole forums website dedicated to nabari's craziness and several threads chock full of nutty fangirls all hooting for the various couples in Nn O
06:10:17 PM Sep 13th 2010
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Wait, so is that a "Yes, I object" or "Yes, do it"?

Oh, on a related note, I'm thinking about giving Nabari a characters page, too.
11:43:44 PM Oct 12th 2010
We do need to. How do you start one?
06:41:59 PM Oct 17th 2010
Go to the anime section for Ho Yay and add Nabari no Ou above Naruto.
02:40:50 PM Oct 24th 2010
I've now started the character page...It'll probably be a while before it looks decent, though.

I'll start the Ho Yay page after I'm done being overwhelmed :)
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