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08:06:20 AM Aug 18th 2016
edited by Arawn999
I've been hearing reports that Shounen Jump axed Bleach and gave Kubo a deadline to finish it, hence why the ending was so rushed and so many plot threads were left hanging. Is there any truth to this, or is it just an internet rumour?
02:53:55 AM Feb 17th 2015
Should we create a franchise page? Bleach isn't just an TV anime and manga. There's been animated films, novellas, video games, even a theatrical musical.
09:07:12 AM Feb 17th 2015
If all these mediums have their own pages here, yes.
05:45:54 AM Feb 18th 2015
Pretty sure the only works we have pages for are Anime/Manga and video games, thus not making this a viable candidate for a Franchise page yet.
11:46:08 AM Jan 9th 2015
I don't know if anyone else has noticed this yet, but the Music Sub-Page for Bleach redirects to the Nirvana Album. I'm really not sure how to fix this, though...
02:00:55 AM Jan 10th 2015
It's a title collision. Right now, it can't be fixed. The bigger database overhaul in the future may fix these collisions.
06:44:15 AM Aug 24th 2013
Talking about the Bleach Recap pages, I've put the following onto the Bleach Recap Discussion page, as I think there are too many sub-pages and they need to be combined:

Should there be so many arc pages in the Main Storyline section? Kubo himself only ever talks about the Arrancar Arc and in Volume 48 announced that the Arrancar Arc had now ended and the next Volume would see the start of a new arc (the Lost Agent arc).

It's the fans who artificially split the Arrancar Arc into multiple sub-arcs, but these sub-arc pages only have a couple of tropes per page which doesn't make it worth it to have the separate pages at all. If the "sub-arc" pages were combined into their proper arc pages, that would cut down five pages into one and still only result in about sixteen tropes on a single page.

Also, the final arc page is combining the flashback mini-arc into the main page, which suggests the Arrancar Arc should be treated the same way for consistency (wrt TBTP).

My suggestion is this for the Main Storyline section:

1. Substitute Shinigami Arc

2. Soul Society Arc

3. Arrancar Arc

4. Lost Agent Arc

5. The Thousand Year Blood War Arc

The Arrancar Arc page would combine the following current pages:

The Arrancar Invasion Arc (currently has only 4 tropes).

The Hueco Mundo Arc (currently has only 3 tropes, one of which is Zero-Context Example).

The Turn Back the Pendulum Arc (currently has only 3 tropes, two of which are Zero-Context Example).

The Fake Karakura Town Arc (currently has only 2 tropes, one of which is Zero-Context Example).

The Deicide Arc (currently has only 3 tropes).

The Arrancar Arc page would therefore only have 15 tropes on it, assuming the 4 Zero-Context Example tropes are sorted out and given examples.

The Filler Arc section suffers from this wrt the Zanpakutou Rebellion and Beast Swords Arcs which probably shouldn't be separated because the Beast Swords Arc only contains one trope making its existence pointless, and the Beast Swords arc was only a couple of episodes that gave the Zanpakutou Rebellion characters a moment in the limelight before wrapping up the story.
09:02:59 AM Feb 19th 2014
Wow this is troperific

One doesn't just simply enter the Bleach article.
08:05:34 AM Aug 18th 2016
edited by Arawn999
Didn't mean to post here.
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