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12:39:39 AM Aug 31st 2011
02:21:42 PM Sep 4th 2011
edited by Dentaku
Excuse me, but I don't think these qualify as examples. How to Write an Example tells how to add examples to a trope page, not how to add tropes to a work page like this one. There is a difference.

Examples are the list of works mentioned in pages describing tropes, where they are used as ... well ... examples of those tropes. And yes, when you mention a work on a trope page, you'd better explain why, since a work may contain many tropes.

This page, on the other hand, describes a work, and the items mentioned on it are not examples, but actual tropes. So the necessity to describe a trope is not as stringent, since it may even apply to the work as a whole (like Iyashikei).
11:34:57 AM Jul 8th 2010
According to Comic Blade 2010/7, Kozue Amano is ill and on leave until autumn. Anybody knows anything more?
01:40:17 AM Aug 25th 2010
edited by Dentaku
Amano is not ill, but pregnant. She still has done work for the Summer Comiket 2010, but the release schedule for Amanchu! seems to have been brought down to once every three months.

04:38:19 PM Mar 2nd 2013
edited by arisboch
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