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Dentaku: I removed the mention of Aria: Canticle Of The Monomyth, since I really don't think people will be confuse it with this show.
Has anyone noticed that all the female character's names begin with 'a'? Akari Aika Akira Ai Alice Alicia Athena.

Dentaku: You forget Akino, Ayumi, Atona and Anzu—and on the (sparse) male side you have Akatsuki and Al-kun. The maker must really be miffed that her first name doesn't start with an 'A', but at least her family name does.

onyhow: On male side you also have Ayanokoji (Woody), and Anno (the mailman), so...pretty much all the named human characters have A in their first name.
According to the DVD extras, Athena's songs are just gibberish. Can anyone confirm they're really in Esperanto? If not, we need to change remove that trope.

Dentaku: The first couple of verses of the canzone sung by Alice are in Esperanto, so the trope is still valid. I can't vouch for Athena's songs, since I don't speak that language. Maybe someone who does could clarify it.
Re: Older Than They Look — Alicia being 19 in Aqua/Martian years doesn't make sense, because everyone else's age (including 14-year-old Alice attending middle school, and still childish) is reckoned in Manhome/Earth years. (Besides, Alicia is 19 only at the start of the series — which covers a couple Martian years. The 14 manga volumes each explicitly cover 6 months of an Aquan season.)