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11:36:14 AM Nov 5th 2015
Pulled this:

  • Naruto has the battle between Jiraiya and Pein. After it looked like he had won, Jiraiya was ambushed by the rest of Pein's six paths, including the ones he had just killed. Worn out by using his sage mode, Jiraiya barely manages to kill just one of the bodies by luring it into a toad-based pocket dimension. Immediately after emerging, his throat is crushed by a surprise attack and all five remaining bodies impale him with their weird black spear things. He actually dies at this point, but wills himself back to life, writing one last message on the back of one of his toad summons before one of the paths shoots a rocket punch at him in an attempt to stop the message, destroying the concrete platform Jiraiya was lying on and throwing him back into the water, where he succumbs to his wounds and dies smiling after reflecting on his life.

It's more written as an example of Determinator than anything else. The only connection to You Can Barely Stand is that it established Jiraiya is badly hurt... but he's hurt during the fight, which isn't this trope. Nothing in the writeup indicates he was in rough shape before the fight.
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