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09:57:22 PM Oct 31st 2016
edited by Everdream
Does anyone think this trope should be limited to the past, and/or works that point it out/make a big deal about it for a reason, instead of just listing any and all male characters that fight women? I mean, it originated in a time period when it was noteworthy and/or needed to be explained when a women was hit. Now, many modern examples are essentially no different than the "Would Hit A Dude" non-trope for many works.
07:19:25 AM Aug 8th 2016
"When used as a video game genre, it's known as Ryona. "

Do we really need someone's fetish so flimsily linked to the main page?
03:29:37 PM Oct 1st 2013
In the main page, exists the following thing in the description:

"In unedited works, you tend to see this more often than its inversion simply because times have changed, and society as a whole is taking the attitude that women aren't inferior in anything."

If this is true, this can be a problem... because the first line describes this as "The aversion and occasional subversion of Wouldn't Hit a Girl" and following Averted Trope's description, "Even though There Is No Such Thing as Notability, averting is generally not an example for mentioning on a trope page, except for tropes that are so common that the list of aversions is actually shorter, such as Limited Wardrobe."
12:55:31 PM Sep 1st 2015
edited by schoolmann
I agree here. This seems to be nothing but aversions or inversions of Wouldn't Hit a Girl. If it must be its own trope, then it seems that it should only apply to circumstances in which the trope is somehow invoked and then averted. Mere equal-opportunity violence wouldn't apply.
04:25:46 AM May 9th 2012
I think I may prefer this trope. It is best to not hit any innocent people, whether or not they are women. However there are special cases where it is acceptable or even recomended to hit a woman. It is mainly when a woman is posing a serious violent threat. Letting her off the hook doesn't seem right, even when intentions were good. If a video game has both genders as fighters, this trope will inevitably be invoked. World of WarCraft is great at playing this trope straight. A playable character can be either male or female, depending on the player's choice. Enimy characters may be male or female too. I have had plenty of female characters. It is normal for them to get beaten up, and it doesn't offend me. An interesting case is Rubira. On one hand, she is a pretty blond human lady. IMO she looks a little like Barbie. On the other hand Rubira is a high level (mid 60s) paladin. She can withstand a more severe hits, than most of my characters. Paladins are the only class that can heal and wear the toughest armor. With retribution talent, Rubira can hit really hard back with holy power.
07:35:28 PM Mar 14th 2012
So, where did the trope picture come from specifically?

Because, I gotta know why Batman appears to fighting Catholic schoolgirls armed with Japanese weapons.
01:09:07 PM Jul 24th 2012
The trope picture is from one of Grant Morrison's comics, where Batman fought an all-girls school designed to turn the girls into Femme Fatale supervillains.
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