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10:13:46 AM Apr 18th 2011
edited by DonaldthePotholer
Potential non-aerial Sports example with this year's Spring race at Talladega Superspeedway. The top 8 cars crossed within 0.2 seconds (with the gap between first and second being 0.002 seconds) 4 wide and 2 deep! And each column were comprised of racers with the same owner! Special props go to Dale "I donít really like the two-car stuff. It's ó I donít know ó just silly." Earnhardt Junior:

"Well, I was more comfortable pushing Jimmie [Johnson] and I think we were the more faster combination pushing that way. For some reason when I was leading ... I would just get away from him and we couldnít stay together. ... "If I couldn't win the race I wanted Jimmie to win the race because I had worked with him all day and he's my teammate..."

His daddy probably had his own spinout from six feet under from that, even with the quote from Saturday. The other drafting partners were Mark Martin (to Jeff Gordon, i.e. the rest of The Empire), Kevin Harvick to Clint Bowyer (who invoked one of Earnhardt Sr.'s favorite Tropes due to an inane reporter) and Greg Biffle to Carl Edwards. The last has some significance because while Junior helped Johnson win the race, by overtaking Martin Biffle helped Edwards hold on to the points lead at that point.
09:59:07 PM Oct 2nd 2010
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