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10:38:12 AM Mar 19th 2014
Edited chatter in the example for 'Bones'. If anyone disagrees with this or is annoyed by it, here's the way it looked before, feel free to replace it:

  • Booth and Brennan on Bones. According to Word of God, they will eventually in the season finale.
    • Yeah, right. Just like they said for the previous season finale, which turned out to be All Just a Dream (although, in this case it was obvious from the outset that it was one).
    • They did at the second to last episode of season 6, it wasn't made very clear until the next episode when she announced she was pregnant with his baby...
12:29:03 PM Aug 18th 2010
Rather famously parodied in S 1 E 2 or 3 of Spaced, when Tim and Daisy have sex and then remark something to the effect of "Phew, glad we got THAT out of the way..."
05:27:19 PM May 23rd 2010
Dr. Quinn and Sully - yes it happened eventually but the series went down from there, all the seasons prior to were much better
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