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12:24:36 AM Mar 13th 2015
Isn't this just a different name for Comic-Book Time?
05:49:12 PM Nov 13th 2012
Seeing how this trope is showing up on non-webcomic works, would a new name be in order?
08:33:07 AM Apr 20th 2012

Trope Repair Shop merge

It was decided to redirect/merge "That Night Felt Like Months" here because its description was essentially "phrase used when Hanging A Lampshade on Webcomic Time", which is not enough to be separately tropeable.
11:44:04 AM Apr 11th 2011
Before I cut it, just want to check - Is Ozy And Millie actually an example? It seems to use a different convention; the same convention that's the reason that Bart Simpson is eternally ten and that Charlie Brown (eventually) reached age 8 and then stayed there for the rest of his fifty year life, despite both celebrating Christams every year.

...As for them aging two years, that was simply due to the change in art style shift making all the kids (apart from Timulty) look older rather than any sort of 'time passes here'
12:36:44 PM Jan 13th 2011
edited by cclospina
Message deleted
08:46:53 AM Jul 6th 2010
I don't read One Piece, but I thought that time DOES pass, it's just the characters don't age.
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