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01:12:51 AM Jul 17th 2013
Why is it "Video Game", not "Videogame"? It's "Videogame Cruelty Potential", but "Video Game Caring Potential" which just seems odd.
01:53:39 AM Jul 17th 2013
It's The Problem with Pen Island. The page exists as both Videogame and Video Game; it's just a matter of which link sent you here.
05:14:01 PM Jun 27th 2011
This trope seems a little off. As in, it seems to be two different tropes stuck together. On one hand, players genuinely caring about characters in videogames. On the other hand, creators trying to force the players to care, or else be "moral". This might not be as much of a problem if it had sub tropes like VGCP.
03:45:44 AM Jul 31st 2011
I completely agree. The trope is written to suggest that it applies to times when you try to protect or save an NPC voluntarily for no reward. But many examples written for this trope apply to situations where you are required to save an NPC, or at least rewarded for it if it's optional. There's a good reason why Caring Is The Only Option is not a trope: it's nearly omnipresent. This shouldn't encompass all good deeds done by video game characters.
01:45:24 PM Jun 15th 2012
This is why this entry bothers me:

  • A rather bizarre example with the old Infocom text-adventure The Lurking Horror. At one point you pick up a dead hand. At another you encounter a vat of liquid which reanimated dead tissue. Drop the hand in the vat and, it comes to life, clambers onto your shoulder, and just sits there. It will occasionally point you in the right direction if you're lost, and it can scare the crap out of an irritating NPC. Since it's one of the only friendly things in the game, many players get extremely angry if anything (re-)kills the dead hand.

The reanimated hand helps you get through a maze, and then in the final boss fight it exposes the boss's weak point. The hand seems to be happy to be reanimated, but that's beside the point. It HAS to survive the game if you're going to solve the puzzles.

If this trope is purely about players giving a damn about characters in games, then this applies, but that turns this trope into People Sit on Chairs. If this trope is about the player choosing to care about an NPC, then this example and a lot of others need trimming.
02:29:56 PM Mar 28th 2011
Why is there no "Examples In Fiction" section for this trope like there is for Video Game Cruelty Potential? Is it not as common?
03:55:30 AM Jun 4th 2010
I think this page needs a new image. The current Fatal Frame one is very obscure, only tangentially related (falling under Escort Mission) and rather creepy.
04:38:43 PM Jun 27th 2011
Care to suggest how a better picture is even possible? For tropes like this, it's all in the caption.
01:58:26 PM Jan 18th 2013
Completely agree. Why would I care about a little girl made of gold with no eyes?
02:06:23 PM Jan 18th 2013
To me, she looks very vulnerable and weak, bringing out protective feelings.
07:02:45 AM Jan 5th 2015
I dont like the current one but the Fatal Frame one is actually unffiting because it turns out that Mayu is a bitch who is cruelly manipulating her sister into doing her bidding.
11:27:28 PM Apr 13th 2015
I can't believe this image is still here! It's been 5 years and no one thought to replace it with something more obvious (or at least less nightmare-inducing)? I'd suggest something from Pokémon HG/SS (interacting with your Pokémon) or Pokémon-amie, personally.
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