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09:22:44 AM Mar 31st 2011
Does Lost count? It's not an -ed, but it is the past perfect tense of a verb. (These titles, by the way, are all invoking the past perfect, not the past - a work so titled based on the verb "to forget" would be called "Forgotten" rather than "Forgot", for instance.)
05:43:06 AM Jul 26th 2011
See also the films Taken and Gone (the latter also being a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode).
05:46:05 AM Jul 26th 2011
In fact Buffy was quite big on this: Doomed, Flooded, Smashed, Wrecked, Gone, Touched, Chosen.

04:55:46 PM Apr 19th 2014
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Also, can we consider renaming this trope to be just "Verbed", in keeping with the one-word thing?
08:47:52 AM Apr 20th 2014
You ought to propose that in the Trope Repair Shop, although I doubt that it will be accepted as it's less clear.
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