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05:34:01 PM Feb 11th 2018
So are these games being sorted by the console the original game came out on, or the console that the rerelease came out on?
12:25:00 AM Dec 15th 2017
The standards for placement between this and Polished Port seem to be a bit of a gray area... is there a good way to tell?
11:17:00 PM Feb 9th 2016
If anyone's curious, the page image is technically a bit off. English Pokémon Red and Blue are actually modified version of the Japanese Pokémon Blue, but with the original Red and Green's script, if I remember correctly.
11:05:22 AM Sep 19th 2010
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Another example of this trope is the Playstation 2 game Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time got a Directors cut release in japan 2004 and it has all the bug fixes, new areas, two characters that join your party, moves and spells reblanced, 2 player VS. mode, and new cutscenes

The Directors cut version is the only version that North America, Europe, and Australia got.

The original version was only released in japan in 2003.
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