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06:40:42 AM Mar 3rd 2014
Hmm, quite interestingly, as a HEMA practitioner, I would say that the sword is a pretty aerodynamic weapon and in some cases it can be used (and actually have been historically) as a throwing weapon (see the link below). The argument of being unarmed after releasing your sword is brought up by the reneissance masters, but as a knight has rarely been carrying only a single piece of weaponry to the battle you can possibly imagine such situations happen at the battlefield.

09:12:18 PM Oct 23rd 2010
Does the Buster Keaton silent movie "The General" count. Buster accidentally lets his sword fly out of the scabbard in that one.
08:18:14 PM Oct 24th 2010
If it works, then yes. It would probably qualify as parody, unless it predates the popularization of the trope. Either way it's more clearly an example of "guy is randomly effective when something slips out of his hand by accident". Don't know if we have that one yet, though.
07:43:59 PM Jan 2nd 2011
Removing the example of a Franciscan ax... since an ax is not a sword and indeed is sometimes designed for throwing!
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