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04:05:38 AM Apr 5th 2011
From Image Pickin':

ccoa: He's throwing explosives out of a bag while smiling. What's not to get?

He has no face, so he can't be smiling (his mouth is practically a straight line), and we do not see him throw anything. The bag as you call it is hard to see, and there's no indication that what's in it are bombs.

I guess it's technically an example, but it's a horrible image if the uninitiated can't tell exactly what it is. Without knowing about the card, I would have no idea what was going on. I'm not certain a bunch of Fan Myopia didn't go into this.

ccoa: As to claiming ownership, if a copyright symbol says (c)Joe Smith, unless this wiki is also known by "Joe Smith", I don't see how that can possibly be construed as us claiming ownership of the image.

Me: I don't know the full implications, but that's what Eddie said. I assume he was told this by Google or a lawyer of some sort.
This, btw, is why I hate that pages have to be closed. You asked me a question that needs an answer, but because I'm not going to be here every single day, I can't answer it in the thread.
06:11:32 AM Dec 3rd 2010
Since this was renamed, here is a link to the YKTTW archive.
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