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09:20:02 PM Apr 29th 2011
Norah Vincent's experiences is Self-Made Man might fit here, though out of choice. Granted, the pressure of all those stereotypes eventually led to a mental breakdown...
06:49:36 AM Feb 6th 2011
The Sailor Sun example is a little unclear on exactly how it fits this trope - i.e., "embrace or be subject to all of the stereotypes associated with their new gender."

Could someone familiar with the work expand on this? (And I'm not sure "I like guys" qualifies as stereotype so much as natural outcome of changed biology, at least for the purposes of this trope.)
05:56:37 AM Jan 10th 2011
Shouldn't there be a note in here that crossdressing can also result in this rule? There's nothing in the crossdressing article about it either
06:21:00 AM Jan 10th 2011
I think it would probably just add confusion. It's pretty rare in crossdressing scenarios, certainly not to the point of being a "law."
09:47:28 AM Jul 29th 2010
removed this and rest the original since this just restates variation 2

The character wants or needs to be treated "like a normal woman," and thus adopts stereotypically feminine attire and/or behavior to conform with that supposed role
01:23:37 PM Jul 29th 2010
I like the changes you made a bit later, keeping the original two "forms" but allowing for some nuance. I was mostly trying to get across the notion that this trope isn't automatically a "bad" thing and may be neither irrational/silly nor "forced" on the character.
07:09:53 AM Jun 26th 2010
Cleaning up some natter on Steel Beach - preserved here in case anyone's interested.

  • Despite being a serial Gender Bender herself, Hildy Johnson, the protagonist of John Varley's Steel Beach insists that there are still "girl things" and "boy things" when it comes to dress and behavior, because otherwise there would be little point in changing gender in the first place.
    • Note: In Real Life this is generally not true. Transsexual individuals wish to change sex because of their internal identity, which has little to do with gendered dress and behaviour per se. Gender identity and gender roles are separate things, and a transsexual woman born with a man's body may wish to change her physical sex, but afterwards might still enjoy stereotypically masculine activities.
      • That may be true in the real world but Varley was positing a future where Easy Sex Change would make Hildy's opinions plausible.