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08:10:56 PM Feb 8th 2014
Took down the following examples for discussion:

The main issues are the speculative nature of these entries, as well has how shoehorned they feel. Any ideas on how they can be better worded?
08:54:40 PM Feb 8th 2014
I see nothing wrong with Vivica A Fox or Hilarys Wank, but giantitp.com doesn't work because it doesn't run on our lettering and it requires an extra letter.
09:54:18 PM Feb 8th 2014
I see. Well, then feel free to re-add the other two. But I would suggest eliminating the "could be" wording in both since Examples Are Not Arguable.
07:51:38 PM Apr 4th 2012
Why does this page make me laugh so much?
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