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Anal Bum Cover Problem (will be renamed)
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A slight, but noticeable, Wiki Trope that also shows up in other places.

To wit: You have a way of storing a name. This way is case-insensitive. This way cannot handle spaces.

So you can sometimes wind up with names that are quite... odd.

Named for an example from one of the Celebrity Jeopardy sketches.

  • The most famous example is possibly a collection of UR Ls that were found to be... failures in some way, presented in such a way that you can see both the intended, and Double Entendre readings:
    • Pen
    • The Rapist
    • Who
    • Expert S
    • Mole station
    • Speed oF
    • Go
  • Played with multiple times in the Celebrity Jeopardy sketches, although it's strongly implied that Connery was just being a dick as it's somewhat hard to read "An Album Cover" as "Anal Bum Cover".
  • If you're not careful, on non-Mediawiki wikis it's quite possible to screw yourself up this way.
    • [Need some examples]

Is this enough of a trope to be worth having? No Launching Please, as given the sufficiently positive response, I'm doing so on Friday.

[Luc: Stop editing the name, dammit. I'm the one who's gonna launch this, and editing the name just causes me to lose the thread in my YKTTW history. I'm planning on launching a crowner simultaneously, since the name does seem to be a problem.]
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