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11:53:10 PM Dec 14th 2014
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What's the difference between "The Load" and "The Leecher"? I have been thinking that the latter can be the former's alt. title.
06:04:07 PM Mar 7th 2013
The description says (shortened) "This is the TV/Movie equivalent of NP Cs". While I can understand including literature - wouldn't all the video game examples have to be removed?
06:17:50 AM Aug 11th 2012
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Page needs to be easier to find for people who forget the extremely generic word "load". I tried "burden" (useless) and "clingy" and "saddled with" and "bundle" (running out of ideas). A link from Clingy MacGuffin would have brought me here pretty quick. I never did find an over-arching category of things you would rather not have, but feel duty bound to lug along. Just watched The Island of Lost Souls tonight, where in marine code there is a duty of rescue, so the captain can end up with passengers he'd rather not have. Also, the "load" has a strong alternate meaning (as in: dumped my load) which is so pejorative as an insult, he'd be used to wipe your snit-kickers not be riding your back.

03:01:12 PM Jun 16th 2011
Wouldn't Samwell Tarly start as this in Game of Thrones? He's very aware of it, though, so I guess that would be... subverted?
07:41:09 PM Jan 19th 2011
  • Sailor Moon, titular heroine notwithstanding, comes off as the load a lot in the anime (not so much in the manga). Her redeeming grace is that she's almost exclusively the only one who can finish off the Big Bad of the day and she can buckle down and work hard. Despite this, she has almost no combat skill, whines incessantly, is book dumb or chooses not to try, overeats and oversleeps, and mooches off her friends and family for money and emotional support.

I really don't see how this counts as at all, since "The Load" can't be the one who kills the villian EVERY SINGLE TIME and often saves the others or solely moves the action forward. All the examples are just how Usagi acts in her everyday life, which has nothing to do with being a competent superhero, except for the "no combat skill" which is blatantly untrue, as again, she's always the one who can kill the villian. (Also "mooches off her friends and family for money and emotional support?" Since when? The only person who ever buys her things is her boyfriend, and're not supposed to have friends and family give you emotional support when you also support them? I thought that was the point?)..coupled with the "whines incessantly", it pretty much seems like "Complaining About Characters You Don't Like". It's pretty impossible for the protagonist of an action series to be a load, and Sailor Moon isn't one, even if she does screw up and need saving on occasion (it is in the others job description to help her out and protect her, after all)
08:57:22 AM Jan 15th 2011
Does Professor Aronnax from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea count as The Load since he contributes a little to the group's welfare? It's probably the case of Tropes Are Not Bad.
09:09:10 AM Dec 20th 2010
Thinking of removing:

◦A much straighter example would be Orihime. She never takes part in any action and when she does, she's either healing or her attack does pretty much nothing. Her default setting is screaming for Ichigo to help her.

As it's highly subjective. Healing is extremely useful (especially the reality-warping sort that can reverse death) and, from what I remember, she's only asked for help once, and only because all her powers were failing in a stressful moment. Should this example stay or should it go? Comments?
03:24:31 AM Dec 15th 2014
Take Orihime out. She's been plenty useful since then. The only time she's been The Load was in the Lust Arc, and that's highly subjective as it involved mental trauma.
08:24:18 PM Sep 5th 2010
Is the MST3K presentation of The Mole People the Trope Namer for The Load, or at least an alternate?
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