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07:34:29 PM Feb 27th 2017
edited by AbsoluteSword
A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun, as one franchise, actually fit the criteria of The Epic rather well.

Both, viewed as a whole, chronicles young (but gifted) heroes taking on the machinations of monolithic entities/organizations through hard work courage and friendship, meeting obstacle after obstacle along the way, growing more powerful as necessary, making losses and sacrifices, even eventually trotting the globe like Indiana Jones and confronting world-shaking (and literally-Godlike) levels of adversity armed with bravery and idealism, all the while growing up as human beings (especially in the case of Accelerator and Mikoto) as well as striving to change the world for the better.

Restoring Index For Now: Railgun on the other hand, gotta think about it first.
04:09:30 PM Dec 5th 2014
I may have tried to put this in the page before, but I don't remember if I deleted it because I was being sloppy with the link or whether it was deleted, but Interstellar fits this to a T.

  • It opens in the middle of a dramatic situation, the Blight.
  • It follows one character and a small supporting group over a long period of time, two galaxies and multiple planets.
  • Namely, there are three major adventures, as per the main page: One on the first planet, one on the second, and a third in the tesseract.
  • The hero, Koop, commits deeds above and beyond what any other human has ever done IU.
  • The trip into the black hole is a classic descent into the underworld, I.E., an extremely dark, deadly place with little chance of return.
  • Even the "How we got here" flashback is fulfilled multiple times over, by the museum footage of people explaining the blight, and the flashback to Koop's Ranger crash.
  • One might even think of it as a Familial epic, as Murphy Kooper takes on a heroic role later in the film, and the life of Tom Kooper is also detailed in a more tragic way.

In short, it is irrevocably an Epic.
08:13:07 AM May 2nd 2012
I added The Dark Knight Saga, but removed it. I wanted to check in beforehand. It fits all of the criteria except for the massive scope. The series is limited exclusively to Gotham, though it does detail Batman's war on crime, and the stakes have grown with each film. I'd say that, despite the smaller scale, it still fits. Thoughts?
06:36:57 PM Jul 25th 2012
edited by TompaDompa
The series isn't exactly limited to Gotham, but Gotham is the main location, much like Rome in Gladiator, and Hogwarts in Harry Potter.

Also, in the light of The Dark Knight Rises, I'd say the massive scope is no longer arguable. I have therefore elected to add The Dark Knight Saga to the page.
01:59:33 PM Apr 26th 2012
Removed this because it potholes to Christopher Marlowe, which accordingly is indexed (which it shouldn't): Once there is actually a page for Tamburlaine, it can be re-added.
10:36:41 AM Aug 10th 2011
Cut this from the Live Action TV-section, because it indexes "Warrior Prince". Once there is a page on Emperor of the Sea, it can be reinserted.
12:06:00 PM Jun 23rd 2011
The single example for all video games is pretty well unacceptable. Anyone want to help me come up with an adequate list of video games that do, in fact, fit the strict definition?
12:48:10 PM Nov 7th 2011
Assassin's Creed seems to be evolving into this... also the Prince of Persia Sands of time trilogy... both seem to fit with the guidelines... long: yes -the AC story spans centuries, and the Po P for about 10 years (at least) or so - and on the outside 4 separate (main) games for each of them and still a WIP (and not to mention the AC expanded universe) wide in scope: AC definetly with three different time periods + the whole secret war thing, Po P not so obvious in So T, WW and TFS, but more developed in T 2 T with the kingdom at stake (or at least the capital city) follows one hero, group or bloodline: group/bloodline variation in AC, one hero in Po P goal: yes AC: stopping Templars, Po P: facing his mess... plenty of C Mo A in both series multiple adventures: AC definetly yes, as for Po P the forgotten sands game could be considered a side-quest

apologies for the rant, just wanted to lay down the arguments for these two games

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