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10:48:14 AM Jul 1st 2011
It's hard to think that Tropes are Not Bad when reading this... It just seems like a shallow cop-out.
10:55:25 PM Aug 21st 2010
Al Qaeda's section seems to recursively link. That is, the entry says to see 'Insane Troll Logic' for more details. Insane Troll Logic says to see 'Step three profit' for more details. ...Step three profit leads to...Terrorists without a cause. Terrorists without a cause leads to-Wait a minute.

...Did something get lost in an edit at some point? Or something?
12:31:25 AM Apr 3rd 2010
Do we want to remove that whole Real Life section or just Purge any flame bait in the name of the Emperor?
09:17:02 PM Jun 13th 2010
I vote to keep the real life section up.
02:54:29 PM Jun 16th 2010
None of it was really flame bait, but somebody seems to have nuked it anyway.
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