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03:49:39 PM Feb 28th 2016
Wehrabooism is way to prevalent in the "Real Life" section of the article. The Panzer V and up were textbook examples of "How Not to Design a Tank 101". Meanwhile, the Stu G III, an excellent tank only gets one mention. The T-34 and Sherman, two of the best tanks of the war, are slandered by shitty documentaries and Belton Cooper's terrible book "Death Traps".

tl;dr Panzers with a number greater than 4 were absolute shit and the article should reflect that.
12:28:46 AM Jun 24th 2017
edited by maxravenclaw
The Stu G III is not a tank. Otherwise you are right.
10:22:43 AM Sep 7th 2015
Does anyone know why the image has a british flag on it? It's supposedly a german tank.
03:53:08 AM Sep 8th 2015
edited by jormis29
It's not the british flag it is the Balkenkreuz. Note the lack of diagonal lines.
02:05:44 AM Jul 16th 2015
Someone needs to add something about the tank scene in, uh, The Fast and the Furious... 6? I dunno, I haven't seen the movies (that's why I can't do the entry myself) but I know one of them has a big tank scene in it.
12:33:56 PM Nov 9th 2014
I vote to remove the Mass Effect entry on this page seeing as the Mako is referred to as an IFV both in-universe and on this very page. They already have a mention on the Awesome Personnel Carrier page.
01:00:28 AM Jan 27th 2013
Is this page just for any tank showing up in fiction, or does it actually have to be a good tank? Because there are a few questionable examples on this page if the latter is the case.
11:54:26 AM Oct 30th 2010
Would the wooden rubber band lunching tank form AMG count?
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