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09:22:21 PM Oct 2nd 2014
The "Eyes Wide Shut" reference needs to be changed to something else; that's a film, not a trope.

  • Subverted with Hyouma Muroga. He has basically the same broken abilities as his nephew Gennosuke, but he also can't turn them off. (For different reasons depending on which media we're talking of.) Therefore he must go Eyes Wide Shut all the time, or he risks affecting both friend and foe.

01:37:44 AM Oct 3rd 2014
Seems like Eyes Always Shut is the trope that belongs. I would recommend to disambiguate Main.Eyes Wide Shut between the work and that.
10:50:55 AM Mar 20th 2012
What's the difference between " Superpower Lottery" and "Flying Brick"?
04:56:16 AM May 13th 2012
edited by ading
From the descriptions, it seems like "Flying Brick" is a specific set of powers while "Superpower Lottery" is just having powers that are way more powerful than the rest of the group.
12:50:15 AM Jan 21st 2012
Is Superpower Lottery really the best name for this trope? The word "lottery," at least to me, would seem to imply the potential to lose as well as winning. I think "Superpower Jackpot" might be better.
04:54:26 AM May 13th 2012
There is the potential to lose. The idea is that there is one superpowered character in a group that has powers that are so far beyond the others that they are on a whole separate level of power. That character won, everyone else lost.
12:48:30 PM Dec 24th 2010
For some reason, this article has the same text as Story-Breaker Power. I propose that we either delete Story-Breaker Power or merge the two articles.
11:02:52 PM Dec 28th 2010
Something fishy's going on here. Someone *overwrote* the entire Story-Breaker Power article with the contents of this one on Nov. 10th.
11:06:21 PM Dec 28th 2010
  • correction: Nov. 15th. Sorry.
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