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12:14:19 PM Nov 21st 2014
Should Power Rangers/Super Sentai even qualify?

The major reason I'd ask is because of their terrible win/lose record; normally, 1/3 through the season, combining two Megazords/gattai robos is required to beat the first primary cast villain, then the starting Megazord is outclassed by nearly every following monster of the week (& yes, that means most big bad keep around a "general" whose fighting skills are only about average compared to monsters of the week)!

I mean, isn't a "super" robots being defeated/overpowered supposed to be a rarity?
11:14:12 AM Dec 11th 2013
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01:30:12 PM Jan 24th 2012
This section was inserted unilaterally, instead of the normal text. I am taking it here so that it can be decided on its own merits.

From left to right: Combattler V, Getter Robo, Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Daimos, and Voltes V. Daiku-Maryu pictured at the background. One of these does not belong. Can you guess which?

A super robot is a robot that performs the function of a superhero. Nothing else matters.

Can all be explained away with technobabble. Just about every single mecha featured in anime is physically impossible, and the ones that aren't usually have far too prominent a role to count.
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