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01:26:29 AM Feb 12th 2017
Removing this.

  • Agents Of Shield did this towards Ward fans in Dirty Half-Dozen, taking several arguments Ward fans used and dumbing them down to be easily responded by May's "We all have our traumas. Get over it." The fact that there is response to that or the fact SHIELD also killed two innocent to save one of their own was not addressed left many Ward fans unamused.
    • The season finale was even more unsubtle, using a character as an obvious stand-in for Stand With Ward fans by having her quote the name verbatim while condoning him torturing someone because she is in love with Ward; never mind that most Stand With Ward fans are people who believe he can be redeemed and sympathize with him, not people who think his actions are justified or agree with what he is doing.

Firstly, again, this is very YMMV, which isn't what this trope is for. Secondly, the first part of this has nothing to do with a 'straw fan', since its not a third party individual saying these things. Its been a while since I rewatched that episode but the only discussion is between Ward himself and the cast. Thirdly, Kara is channelling the Stand With Ward movement, sure (Brett Dalton did confirm they used the line as a nod), but it wasn't intended to insult the fanbase (again, Dalton thought that it would be a nice acknowledgement of fan discussion). I'd point out that Stand With Ward fans *have* tried to argue that his actions are justified. Its quite a common way that sentiment has been expressed; particularly, a gross number of people think he was right to torture Bobbi in that scene. I'd also point out that this page isn't to express you being insulted by how the show presented your viewpoint. Its to note in a neutral fashion when a work features characters who personify elements of the fanbase.

If this is to be reposted, it would need to be trimmed severely, and reworked. Something along these lines:

  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2B had Agent 33 Kara Palamas, formerly brainwashed by HYDRA, be taken in by Grant Ward when her brainwashing breaks down. During their time she starts to repeat some sentiments expressed by the Stand With Ward movement (fans who sympathise with Ward), even repeating the phrase itself. This was confirmed by Brett Dalton (Ward's actor) to have been an intentional nod to the fandom.

08:25:49 AM Mar 28th 2014
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Looking at the examples, this seems to be two different tropes:

- A generic nerdy character who is deeply fanatical about many real-life or fictional works.

- The portrayal of a work's fandom within that work, generally as a kind of Take That, Audience!.
12:47:14 AM Feb 23rd 2012
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Removed the following

  • Transformers Animated's Captain Fanzone, during his first appearance, was initially thought to be a Take That! against hardline Transformers Generation One fans due to his name and dislike of robots and new technology in general. However Derrick Wyatt has stated he was actually named after Carmen Fanzone, a neighbor of his who used to play for the Cubs. Besides, Fanzone, for all his grumbling, was always treated fairly sympathetically — even getting to be the hero on one or two occasions, so even if he could be interpreted as a Straw Fan, he's a very mild version.

See, it looks like the example says "you could sort of see him as an example, but not much of one". Kinda goes into "arguable" territory there. Anyway, this isn't a YMMV trope, so it should not depend upon interpretation.
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