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08:25:49 AM Mar 28th 2014
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Looking at the examples, this seems to be two different tropes:

- A generic nerdy character who is deeply fanatical about many real-life or fictional works.

- The portrayal of a work's fandom within that work, generally as a kind of Take That, Audience!.
12:47:14 AM Feb 23rd 2012
edited by ThatHuman
Removed the following

  • Transformers Animated's Captain Fanzone, during his first appearance, was initially thought to be a Take That against hardline Transformers Generation One fans due to his name and dislike of robots and new technology in general. However Derrick Wyatt has stated he was actually named after Carmen Fanzone, a neighbor of his who used to play for the Cubs. Besides, Fanzone, for all his grumbling, was always treated fairly sympathetically — even getting to be the hero on one or two occasions, so even if he could be interpreted as a Straw Fan, he's a very mild version.

See, it looks like the example says "you could sort of see him as an example, but not much of one". Kinda goes into "arguable" territory there. Anyway, this isn't a YMMV trope, so it should not depend upon interpretation.
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