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02:29:59 PM Feb 11th 2012
  • Unfortunately, many people who are socially incompetent or just don't get dating and courtship may end up unintentionally stalking someone that they have a crush on. They may have the best intentions and may even be making a sincerely conscious effort to be careful to not stalk them, except that they have a different idea of where the line is than most people do. They'll be like, "OK, I'll make an effort to follow the same route that this person takes through the hallway at school/work/whatever, but I will not follow them home because that would be stalking" and/or other things like that.
    • Many of these unintentional stalkers have learning/developmental/neurological disabilities, like autism and AD(H)D and a lot of the social skills programs designed for youngsters such as these don't bother to teach about proper conduct for romance and dating and may even suppress attempted romantic interaction even if it's as simple as holding hands. As a result of being treated like children who are only getting older in that they're getting into puberty and advancing educationally, but couldn't possibly have any romantic desires or crushes, they are probably made even more likely to do this. Being unable to naturally "get it" about proper romantic conduct and not being properly taught about it to make up for it, they may turn to romantic comedies, which are notorious for portraying stalking behaviors as romantic, to try and learn the rules of dating. Also, if they had had counselors and teachers stop them from making obvious and non-stalkery attempts to romance their crushes, they will most likely have learned that they aren't supposed to do these and must take covert measures to deal with having a crush on someone, which may include unintentional stalking behaviors.

Okay, while much information given in this entry is rather true, I feel there is a lot of complaining involved and much of it is irrelevant. Yes, it's true those who are neuroatypical tend to be discouraged from romantic situations, and as someone with autism, I think that sucks. But I'm not sure if it's necessary, but I don't want to jump straight to saying it's natter, so I need a second opinion. Any takes?
09:25:46 PM Mar 3rd 2011
edited by Camacan
Firstly, read Example Indentation. A double star is not a pargraph break and we don't separate material just because a different editor is adding it. One article — one editorial voice. Secondly the natter states the primary example is wrong — but the editor didn't understand Repair, Don't Respond: please do not hold conversations on a main page. Thirdly the second example doesn't have enough details related to the trope — this article isn't discussing Rape Is Love.

  • In Strawberry Panic!, Tamao is watching Nagisa while she sleeps, in the very first scene we meet her in. She continues this behavior on and off throughout the series, although it doesn't seem to deter fans.
    • They're roommates, so it's not that bad. When the beds are few feet apart by default, it's not exactly difficult to watch the other person sleep in a non-creepy way.
    • Yaya's treatment of Hikari is even worse, and yet...
09:07:49 PM Oct 13th 2010
Deleted the following example because one, it doesn't add any content and forces you to go to the quotes page to see what it's talking about, two, the whole thing is a justifying edit with no added value and three, Tropes Are Not Bad! The description even points out that the characters are usually meant to be sympathetic.

  • Just to clarify on The Sorcerer's Apprentice entry on the quotes page, Dave's "stalking" consisted entirely on being in a place he was sure to run into Becky. Plus they already were attracted to each other as kids, so it works out.
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