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12:14:16 PM Jul 1st 2014
IMO, the picture doesn't illustrate the concept as a lot of Spaniards are still farmers, and the sombrero originated from Spain. Many still wear it. The fact that it's irony that it was found on an educational website shows that whoever added that comment should really use said website as it may also be teaching Spanish culture and that basically all of La Mancha — the largest area in Spain — and a lot of the land around its borders is virtually desert and full of farmers that wear sombreros. Now, something Spanish wearing one of those colourful ponchos from Central America would demonstrate better.

Or, this map of "Europe according to America"? The one in Italian makes the tags clearer, but Portugal as Brazil and Spain as Mexico are pretty clear, anyway.
09:17:22 AM May 25th 2013
Examples of confusion between different Latin American countries moved to Latin Land.