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07:19:21 PM Dec 29th 2014
Do we really need to invoke the rule of cautious editing judgement and stay neutral on something like the subject of cheating on someone being a bad thing, because it kinda is.
02:50:09 AM Oct 6th 2014
Would this trope apply to a character if it's romantic feelings rather than sexual attraction? Say, a character has meaningless sex constantly but feels a romantic attraction to ONE person and that person only?
04:36:26 PM Aug 2nd 2014
I think Ellie from "The Last of Us" fits here. I don't see her as a "lesbian" because of the world she lives in, and that the social norms in OUR world doesn't exactly match with Ellie's world, so the word "lesbian" would mean nothing to her.
01:38:08 AM Aug 3rd 2014
Single-Target Sexuality implies that her sexual attraction is directed towards one person and one person only. The work's wiki is so detailed that I have difficulty picking out relevant information.
02:02:41 PM Aug 3rd 2014
09:30:57 AM Aug 4th 2014
Then yeah, feel free to put it under Single-Target Sexuality.
11:47:34 PM May 3rd 2014
The page image doesn't really illustrate anything if you're not familiar with the comic strip. I mean, I can kind of figure out what it's getting at after reading the trope description, but it wouldn't make much sense otherwise. And I have no idea what the caption means. For all I know that's a great comic strip and, if you're familiar with it, it sums up the trope perfectly, but isn't one of the rules of page images that they can stand alone more-or-less context-free?
12:54:52 AM May 4th 2014
Oi, yeah. Feel free to propose a replacement in Image Picking.
09:01:14 PM Feb 15th 2014
Under Real Life, Pansexuality is the opposite of this trope, the closest example is Demisexuality.
04:23:27 AM Feb 16th 2014
Yeah. I removed that bullet point.
12:04:17 PM Jan 26th 2012
There are many examples that are just people in stable relationships.
09:38:19 AM Mar 26th 2012
edited by thelvin
I'd say there are many examples that are just people who have met their "one true love." As described, Single-Target Sexuality seems pretty close to "asexual except for that one person", an example of If It's You, It's Okay. Though another common example is a person who met one's true love early and never had a chance to think about whether they'd like other people.

06:34:36 AM Aug 4th 2011
why they removed negima about setsuna and ayaka details about thier konoka and negi-sexuality?!!!
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