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03:32:33 AM Apr 27th 2013
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"Outright stated to be the reason Ruth and Bob married in She Devil."

And math explains why Bob's parents insisted he marry her. In the film, Ruth and Bob have been married 15 years. Their daughter is approximately 14 1/2. Poor kid.

Also a hint that Bob's sleeping around is really old news.

"In The Bible, if a man slept with a woman who was not betrothed to someone else, and someone found out, he legally was required to pay her father (or nearest male relative if her father was dead) the customary bride price and take her as his wife. He could not divorce her, no matter what. Note that this also applied to some cases where the woman was raped, not seduced. This was to provide for any child they may have conceived (a very real possibility in an era with no condoms, Pill, diaphragms, etc.) and to protect the reputation of the woman's family (it also protected the woman, who would be considered Defiled Forever, ensuring that someone would be able to support her)."

The father or male relative could turn down the match -but the guy who had slept with the girl still had to pay up on the bride-price. Since women were allowed to work and own businesses and property (except for land, unless they had no close male relatives), this provided a nice amount to set the girl up if she had no other matches in the offing, providing her with a measure of independence if her family took exception.
10:41:31 PM Mar 3rd 2011
edited by Softspoken
I'm going to edit some of the body here. The article clearly begins by implying sex. As in, they have sex, and are forced to get married. Okay. The second paragraph though seems to be a bit less focused, and then diverts into a mini-rant about the double standard.


... had best be discreet about any "mingling" they do with the local female population, lest they find themselves being forced to stay a lot longer than they had intended. (And God help them if they knock up any of the local women. They may be shot even before they get dragged to the altar.) Female main characters must also take care when journeying into these kinds of areas, lest one of the local boys take a shine to them and attempt a forced marriage at gunpoint. (In cases like these, the Big Damn Heroes are much more likely to jump in and save the day. But if you're a male who gets into this situation by sowing your oats a little too wildly, then you're pretty much on your own. Double Standard much? A Man Is Not a Virgin, so he's assumed to be taking advantage.)

Now just reading this, the male / female situations look completely different. The man is implied to be having sex. The woman is implied to be attractive and in the area, and consequently being pursued by a man, and then the article gets annoyed about it. So I've edited the article to discuss the two situations, one where sex is involved and one where it isn't, regardless of gender.
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