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02:48:47 PM Jan 9th 2014
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Would someone please explain the second sub-bullet on the Electro example under Comic Books? What exactly DO we know now?
01:36:57 PM May 27th 2011
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Why is it called "Shapeshifter Squick" when it has equal chances of being Fetish Fuel or Brain Bleach-necessiating Squick?
05:35:49 AM Oct 19th 2013
Yeah, the title is misleading.
12:01:38 AM Oct 19th 2010
edited by LoserTakesAll
Removing this:

  • The maybe-gay couple of Rahne Sinclair and Danielle Moonstar were; a shapeshifter who's power could go beyond the simple werewolf when supercharged by other powers or drugs; and an illusionist who's illusions were, when supercharged by other powers, capable of creating reality according to fear, heart's desire or even at will. Illusions that were indistinguishable from reality. Godmode, Power Perversion Potential, some Shapeshifting Squick?

Because Rahne is always portrayed as an extremely, almost cartoonishly conservative Presbyterian (for most of her career, she believes she's doomed to go to hell no matter how good she is, because her mutant power lets her turn into a wolf and everyone knows that werewolves are creatures of the devil) and generally homophobic, and it's been made pretty clear that Danielle isn't interested in women either from her interaction with Karma, the member of the New Mutants who actually is a confirmed lesbian. While former New Mutants writer Claremont did love his lesbian subtext, it would be deeply out of character for either of them to be in a romantic relationship with the other (and the speculation about how their powers would work in the bedroom "when supercharged" by drugs or other people is kind of irrelevant even if they were a couple).
05:38:00 PM Apr 27th 2010
Real Life
  • Since society has come to grudgingly accept transsexuals, the next step, cross-dressing (or would it now be reverse-cross-dressing?!) post-op transsexuals, seems to have arrived. One married man has apparently already gone from male to post-op female to post-op female cross-dressing as a male, all the while continuing to be involved with his (her? his/ex-her/his?!) wife. Expect more hilarity as this goes mainstream.

Removed. This is not only phrased very offensively, but has nothing to do with this trope.
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