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06:31:21 AM Sep 13th 2015
Under Character Pages, there is a list of characters with their own pages. Can we please delete that? Not only is it severely disorganized, it's unnecessary and repetitive because we already have the links to the pages on that page. We don't need it on this page too.

Also, I just realized the Fridge Brilliance of the page image: It's a picture of a self-demonstrating article!
11:43:51 AM Dec 14th 2013
Do we have any place for non-TV Tropes article that also self-demonstrate?
07:37:35 AM Aug 17th 2013
Is this article self describing?
07:10:31 AM Apr 19th 2011
edited by orvillethird
would it be possible to put in one for tHe sort of thIng where Deft writers penning Dust jackets for thE guy who wrote "the da viNci code" or wrIters of soNg lyrics like Taylor swift will HidE things they hope readers will notiCe in capitAl or bold letters, in oPpoSition to the letters around them?
04:40:42 PM Dec 9th 2010
I find articles that are made as if written by the subject (i.e. the Riddler, Doctor Doom) to be exceptionally grating. Is there some kind of discussion page about this problem?
07:40:45 AM Oct 20th 2011
The Trope Repair Shop in the forums.
09:40:49 PM Sep 1st 2010
You can't figure out whether non-self demonstrating would be an example? It's simple: It would be both self-demonstrating and non-. If it's on it's own page, it's self-demonstrating, and since it's on the self-demonstrating page, it's not an example, meaning it is non-self-demonstrating.
04:50:12 PM Jul 18th 2010
Anyone can help putting a link to the Self Demonstrating version of BRIAN BLESSED!?
09:38:15 AM Jun 11th 2016
There seems to be a lack of a link to Sans's page. can you make that link please? do you wanna have a bad time? because if you don't, you're not going to like what comes next.
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