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01:28:49 AM May 23rd 2015
There's a joke out there somewhere, about the Marquis de Sade meeting the Marquis de Masoch for the first time, recognising kindred spirits. De Masoch realises he is with his ideal, falls to his knees, and begs to be mastered, whipped, branded, dominated, generally ill-treated, et c, as this would make his life truly happy.

De Sade pauses and contemplates. Then simply says "No." and turns away.... (think about it...)
07:05:41 PM Dec 18th 2014
I've added a paragraph that explains the basics for BDSM relationships and how and why lines can be crossed. Please edit it down if someone else can say it more concisely, but I believe the points made are important for understanding of BDSM, SSC and this trope and should be said somewhere in some form (if not here then somewhere else notes maybe?).

Anyway, I'll continue making an effort to cut down the paragraph to a more manageable size.
02:07:40 AM Dec 19th 2014
I question the relevance of that material. Safe, Sane, and Consensual is a trope, it doesn't need a long BDSM digression.
01:26:19 AM Sep 13th 2014
Hmm. On the main page, another troper has made mention of a film called "Birthday Girl" in a way that doesn't seem super relevant to this trope — apart from the mention of bondage in the description of the film, there's nothing to suggest that or explain how that film contains this trope. I have not seen the film myself, but if anyone else here has and would like to take a crack at revising that reference, that would be really cool.
02:46:01 AM Sep 13th 2014
Yeah, that entry doesn't sound terribly pertinent.
08:33:19 AM Jan 10th 2012
If in the UK any sexual practice which leaves marks or bruises is forbidden, wouldn't that not only prohibit (and make punishable) any sort of passionate kissing, love bites, and so on, but also any sort of accident? For example, in a small bed standing next to a wall, there would be the possibility of either hitting some part of one's body against a wall, or just somehow falling out of the bed (if it's really small). Both of those would leave bruises, wouldn't they? So is this law current, how would one even reinforce it, and how can anyone have sex without somehow violating it?
08:25:06 AM Jan 17th 2012
The discussion page isn't for discussing the trope—that'll be in the forums, under Trope Talk. :)
01:17:40 PM May 11th 2011
edited by DokEnkephalin
Intoxicated individuals aren't considered considered consenting in the community. Getting drunk is consensual, sure, but if you're drunk at a bondage club or play party, you're expected to exclude yourself from scening, and any good dungeon monitor should and would prevent you. Getting consensually drunk with a consenting partner before play isn't advisable, but it's between you and them — if you can function within negotiated limits while under the influence then the inadvisable can still go off blamelessly.
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