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05:46:22 PM Mar 27th 2012
My mom knew a friend whose boss died of a heart attack soon before retirement (Probably a day or two). Perhaps that's Retirony caused by a Heart Attack?
09:04:11 PM Jun 28th 2010
Removed this example since the name of the movie isn't known. If you know what it is, please correct and re-add it.

  • A New Zealand short film (whose name, unfortunately, escapes me) played with this. An aging security guard working his final day before retirement is afraid this will happen to him. Throughout the film, he gets intensely paranoid at the smallest of things, including his younger partner. And it turns out he is right when his partner reveals that he was planning to rob the truck. The aged guard shows token resistance but realises it is pointless and decides to just leave the truck to the robbers.