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03:13:30 AM Mar 18th 2016
edited by JonVonBass
I'm on the verge of just removing the "Hungry Games" example from the Web Original folder since it doesn't seem to parody anything in a redundant way. Sure the Main Character is called Catnip, but the redundancy seems to end there, and as such i feel that it's not really this trope, at least not fully. It kinda touches on it with the name, but everything else about the video is not redundant...
05:45:20 PM Apr 22nd 2015
Just removed two examples that were Poe's Law, not this trope. Does the description or name warrant a second pass in order to avoid this confusion?
01:09:09 PM Feb 24th 2014
edited by DaibhidC
Okay, maybe it's just me, but this:

  • The Dead Ringers Doctor Who spoofs are insanely well-researched as the writers are all big fans, but one of these managed to slip in there. In a sketch where several of the Doctors are celebrating Christmas together, there's a scene where the Ninth Doctor is flicking through Christmas television trying to find something to watch with the Fourth and Seventh Doctors, identifying celebrities and deciding that they are aliens. ("Cat Deeley! Alien!" "The Queen! Alien!") This exact same joke is used by the Ninth Doctor in the very first Ninth Doctor episode, in which he flips through one of Jackie Tyler's gossip magazines and identifies which ones are aliens.

...looks to me like they are parodying that exact scene, by exaggerating it. (In the original scene, he only claims one celeb is an alien.)

EDIT: Since no-one's argued with this, I've removed it.
07:34:32 AM Feb 16th 2014
edited by
So, I know the real purpose of this page is "let's bash Seltzer and Friedberg" (and that's all well and good) but this example seems to me to be missing the point:

"Disaster Movie has a kid using foul language toward Hancock, at which point Hancock slaps him. Not exactly an amusing gag to begin with, but particularly not amusing since something even more hilarious actually happens to such a kid in the real movie. Even worse, this actually appeared in some of the trailers."

That sounds like they're reversing the gag back across the line of Refuge in Audacity — that it was a deliberate choice on the basis "having him just slap the kid would be darkly funny where a Megaton Punch is merely surreally funny". I haven't seen the film (please don't make me) so I don't know if that's a valid interpretation, but it seems that way from reading this criticism.

(It seems especially unlikely that they wouldn't have known about a gag that appears in the trailer, since that seems to be what they base ALL their jokes on.)
04:38:44 AM May 19th 2013
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