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12:00:50 PM Aug 31st 2015
OK. I think we need to have Red Herring from A Pup Named Scooby-Doo as the trope image, as the trope is both his name and his role as a suspect.
12:06:52 PM Aug 31st 2015
Nah. As excellent an example as he is, it's pure Fan Myopia. Anyone who hasn't seen the show would be utterly confused.
12:02:01 PM Sep 1st 2013
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Ignore this. Clever point turned out to be ridiculously wrong - but cannot delete posting!
09:03:31 AM Mar 18th 2013
Does anybody know (for sure) the trope-namer for this topic? I remember hearing that it was an actual fish in an Agatha Christie story, but I have nothing more than that.
01:45:43 PM Apr 20th 2015
It definitely predates Christie. Wikipedia says it probably dates from 1807, and a journalist who compared the British press's mistaken belief that Napoleon had been defeated to a hound who follows the scent of a kipper rather than the genuine trail, just because it's stronger.
09:11:41 PM Dec 8th 2011
Not sure if it should be noted, but Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory has one, I believe. On the Bathhouse level you are sent to investigate a yakuza group that goes by the name of Red Nishin, believing they are the purchasers of the IW alogorithims. However, if you interrogate a particular guard, Sam asks what nishin even means. He describes it as a sort of fish, Sam replying with herring, to which the guard confirms. Needless to say, Red Nishin weren't the purchasers.
11:06:11 PM Oct 25th 2011
edited by Korodzik
Removed this, because it hardly looks like an example of a Red Herring to me

* Done shamelessly in the Mega Man games, most notably 3 and 4. 3 introduced a mysterious foe with the same weapon as Mega Man who fights him several times for no apparent reason. Later given a name, "Break Man", he ends up saving Mega Man's life and is revealed to be an old prototype of him. As for why he did all this don't find out. Ever.. 4 introduced Dr. Cossack, billed on the box for the game as the new Big Bad of the series. Which would actually have made perfect sense, inasmuch as Dr. Wily, as you remember, was CRUSHED BY A FALLING BLOCK at the end of 3. So of course, he's nothing but a patsy forced to work for...yep...Dr. Wily, who you battle at his fortress again. Oh, as for how he survived being rendered 2-dimensional, you never find that out either.
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