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11:51:20 AM Mar 20th 2014
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Most fan fiction would be illegal to make money off of, since it's based on commercial intellectual properties. However, does a fan fic still count as recursive if it's based on a commercial property that is itself based on something in the Public Domain? For example, one could argue that shows like Merlin and Sherlock are fan fiction even if the owners of those shows can and do make money off them, so if I wrote a Merlin fan fic without the involvement of that show's creators or owners, would it count as a recursive fic? Or would the fact that that Merlin is a commercial property mean that a fan fic based off my Merlin fan fic is a recursive fic but my own Merlin fan fic isn't recursive?
09:53:36 PM Jun 18th 2013
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What about this equivalent for other Fan Works (Since Fan Fiction technically includes though but it seems to be used mostly of purely text Prose stories).

I've seen at least one non-sanctioned spin off of The Joker Blogs based on The Riddler being inspired by The Joker's actions during those blogs. Not to be confused with the fake Riddler Blogs teaser that the actual Joker Blogs channel made.
07:48:02 PM Nov 25th 2012
Someone needs to write recursive Inception fanfiction.
01:08:18 PM Jul 25th 2011
Well, the trope is launched, and I have no idea what to do next...
01:15:44 PM Aug 2nd 2011
Sit back and wait for Wiki Magic to do the rest.
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