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02:19:10 PM Jan 25th 2014
Just have to say this trope is rather uncomfortable x.x
08:43:44 PM Nov 2nd 2012
edited by Nohbody
Pulled from the Live-Action Television section:

  • On Veronica Mars, with Parker and with Veronica herself.
    • Parker is an annoying ditz, and seen as a slut, until she's raped; then she becomes more mature, and a good friend to Veronica and Mac.
    • When we flashback to pre-rape Veronica, or see her dream of her never-raped self who might have been, she's pretty lame. She's a nave dimbulb who lives only for her boyfriend and has boring hair. Good thing she was raped, so she could get tough and sassy!

I don't know how accurate the actual entries are in regards to the show, as I've never watched VM, but the wording is very much not in line with how TV Tropes does things. The entirety of the Veronica entry in particular looks like it's editorializing and trying to start a Flame War with how it's written, especially the last line.
08:33:55 AM Nov 5th 2012
edited by Nohbody
Unfound said, in Ask The Tropers: The Parker example is reasonably accurate; maybe change "slut" to "promiscuous" or something. The Veronica one is wrong, because it's ignoring most of the backstory of the show to focus on rape in order to shoehorn in another example.

Is Parker "an annoying ditz" to other characters in the universe? If not I'm thinking that could get zapped as editorializing on thaler's part.
09:23:10 AM Nov 5th 2012
It's basically true and almost certainly intentional characterization. The show (or maybe just Veronica's perspective) portrays Parker as a fairly flat character: a stereotypical ditzy, promiscuous college freshman girl. It's important that Veronica sees her as such, because she hates that kind of girl as a reminder of what she once was, and because of her dislike for Parker, she misses an opportunity to prevent her rape. Afterward Parker is portrayed more positively, taking responsibility for herself and eventually playing an empowered role in apprehending her rapist.

Keep in mind, this storyline of the show is generally agreed to be mishandled and full of unfortunate implications at all angles, but still, it's significant to the plot that Parker is the kind of girl that some people (who are wrong, obviously) think "deserve to be raped." The show is playing on that expectation, and afterward the show endeavors to portray her differently.

The flip side is that the audience knows her all of one episode before she gets raped, so you could say she was always a more complex character, we just weren't shown yet. That's certainly an argument that it wouldn't belong on this page, but at face value from what's shown on screen, Parker goes from negative portrayal to positive portrayal due to the rape.
10:33:57 AM Nov 5th 2012
Ok. With the slut->promiscuous change and some other minor tweaking of the wording, I put the Parker example back in. Thanks for the help with the show knowledge.
10:32:38 PM Jul 23rd 2012
Has this been to YKTTW?
01:59:00 AM Jul 24th 2012
edited by Telcontar
It's a rename — the old one was Rape as Redemption. See the cleanup thread in Special Efforts.
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