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12:59:51 PM Sep 17th 2013
I think we should bring back the Incredibly Lame Pun trope.
01:20:57 PM Sep 17th 2013
It never went away.
11:59:49 AM Oct 13th 2013
Then why is the trope page gone?
04:29:55 AM Oct 15th 2013
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Because it's a redirect to Pun now. The trope that was there before is at Lame Pun Reaction.
10:41:19 AM Aug 17th 2013
A Transpositional Pun, in the definition I know, is not a Russian Reversal- it's when letters, syllables, or words in a phrase are switched, possibly creating meaningful words (or maybe just being silly). This is called a spoonerism, after the Cambridge don (IIRC) William Archibald Spooner. I don't think that spoonerisms are really Too Rare to Trope, but I can't come up with enough examples off the top of my head to make a page.

As an example: supposedly, when announcing hymns for a church service, Spooner misspoke and instead of "Conquering Kings Their Titles Take", he said "Kinkering Kongs".
03:45:09 PM Jul 27th 2012
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