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12:59:51 PM Sep 17th 2013
I think we should bring back the Incredibly Lame Pun trope.
01:20:57 PM Sep 17th 2013
It never went away.
11:59:49 AM Oct 13th 2013
Then why is the trope page gone?
04:29:55 AM Oct 15th 2013
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Because it's a redirect to Pun now. The trope that was there before is at Lame Pun Reaction.
06:15:45 PM Feb 8th 2016
edited by CJB42
IMO, we should start changing Incredibly Lame Pun links so that they actually read Pun, or possibly Lame Pun Reaction, depending on the use.
09:35:21 AM Jun 30th 2016
What was that trope in the first place?
10:41:19 AM Aug 17th 2013
A Transpositional Pun, in the definition I know, is not a Russian Reversal- it's when letters, syllables, or words in a phrase are switched, possibly creating meaningful words (or maybe just being silly). This is called a spoonerism, after the Cambridge don (IIRC) William Archibald Spooner. I don't think that spoonerisms are really Too Rare to Trope, but I can't come up with enough examples off the top of my head to make a page.

As an example: supposedly, when announcing hymns for a church service, Spooner misspoke and instead of "Conquering Kings Their Titles Take", he said "Kinkering Kongs".
03:45:09 PM Jul 27th 2012
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