Tropers / CJB 42

CJB 42 is a 16 year old with the personality of a 12 year old and the body of an overweight 18 year old. He does stuff on the internet sometimes, and will hopefully do more in the future.

     Forum OC 
A robot stylized after the red toy currently used as my avatar. Tentatively named Coolant Jammer Beta, Model Forty-Two until I think of a better name. As a converted medical robot, it is equipped with defibrillator fists, which can be used to electrify enemies. One of the fists was replaced with a drill that unfolds to reveal a grenade launcher, but it still has a shockingly powerful left hook. The robot hails from a digital universe whose humanlike denizens have figured out how to transport things between servers via portals. Due to the robot's digital nature, damage it takes is translated directly into its code, meaning the more damaged the robot becomes, the more glitched it appears and acts.