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03:09:04 AM Nov 6th 2013
Whats with the "Look, I was young and stupid, ok?" caption anyway? America was at war with Japan and Superman was just drumming up support for the war against Japan.
06:33:44 PM Sep 10th 2012
I don't think the image is linked properly; it doesn't look like the Heavy Metal style at all, nor does Heavy Metal have Propaganda Machine on its trope list.

What should we do about this? Does anyone know where the image IS from? ( It looks to me like an early-to-mid-2000s video game; reminds me of Warcraft III )
11:18:22 AM Dec 10th 2012
The old image has since been removed but as its original uploader, I can tell you that it was from Heavy Metal FAKK 2 game, the sequel to the second Heavy Metal animated movie.
05:29:25 PM Mar 11th 2011
Probably not an example. A Lotus-Eater Machine is not a Propaganda Machine.

  • The Matrix series: The Matrix itself could be seen as a form of Propaganda Machine (a Lotus-Eater Machine, actually), employed by sentient machines to prevent humans from discovering that they are merely energy generators for said machines, the dominant "lifeform" on the planet.
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