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03:16:14 AM Jan 16th 2014
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Okay, I just noticed that all of the links to the Main Page became red. Does this mean that the page is up for consideration for being a Deliberate Redlink?
03:21:46 AM Jan 16th 2014
No, it's just that a subpage got cut so the redlinker turned all links to pages with this title red. You can fix it with a quick edit. It's blue now.
08:39:05 AM Nov 14th 2013
Does anyone have a reference for the Blackfire PMC from the New World of Darkness? Because I'm a harcore N Wo D fangirl who's at least skimmed most of the books and I've never even heard of it.
07:01:50 PM Jan 22nd 2013
What do you call a private company that's a "contractor" in the more ordinary sense: they fulfill contracts to provide supplies, tech, research, etc... For example, Lockheed and Boeing are private, but without their research done on military contracts, we would not have the advanced military tech we now have. Still, they don't do the fighting: they only provide the weapons of war.
05:23:54 AM May 18th 2011
Is this article about mercenaries or security guards? Cause some of these examples seem to blur the line between mercenaries, PM Cs, and security guards.

Whats the difference between a mercenary and fully decked out security guard in military grade gear guarding a war torn shopping mall in Afghanistan?
05:13:18 AM Aug 10th 2010
What about Blackwatch from Prototype?
08:51:09 PM Dec 14th 2010
Not a PMC. They're United States military with a very specific focus.
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