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Working Title: Private Military Contractors: From YKTTW

whitetigah: left out the part about the Black Lagoon Company (sorry, Unknown Troper) since they are couriers that tend to avoid fighting whenever possible, and thus don't qualify for this trope.

Dalantia: SSC didn't take over Miami in Army of Two's final mission. Rios and Salem were assaulting the place both to get revenge for the Generic Korean Guy once they crashed his plane and to clear their names.

Licky Lindsay: I think the sea version is technically Privateers. The exact same individuals were known as "Pirates" when they were looting and pillaging purely for their own benefit, and "Privateers" when they were doing it as hired mercenaries.

X3: Removed the lower of the two Resident Evil entries. Since having two was a bit redundant.

Falchion: Well, I'm certainly looking forward to including a bit of work here in a few months...