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04:29:10 PM Dec 24th 2017
Seems to be written by someone who hates Phoenix/Maya ship and wasn't me. Overall, entry seems to be based on two assumptions: That Phoenix lives at the office(untrue) and that Maya lives there (uncertain). We see her constantly at the office because she WORKS there. She's Phoenix's assistant, whether part-time or full time but it IS her job to be at the office.
  • Larry's many off-screen supermodel girlfriends seem to be this at times. Any time Larry shows up struggling for cash, it's usually to pay for whoever he's dating at the moment. In the very first case of the series, his ex (who he was accused of murdering) is specifically mentioned to have had several sugar daddies to support her.
Larry isn't rich and considering that rthey're his girlfriends we're talking about if they were it would be Gold Digger. So example is pretty questionable.
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