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01:34:58 PM Jan 29th 2017
So I went ahead and revised the definition of the trope in general to reflect poor communication leading to disaster, as Tropes Are Not Bad and the previous version was a little too complainy for my taste. Poor Communication Kills can and has been done badly in stories, but a little insight about how it could be done well was definitely called for.
11:11:24 AM Sep 2nd 2015
edited by Pavlov
This should really be called "Poor Communication Skill" because then the casual misplacement of the space would turn it into "Poor CommunicationS kill".
04:43:56 PM Dec 24th 2015
edited by pittsburghmuggle
I love the pun of "kills", but the number of times I've had to replace the trope in an article after someone not actually reading the trope removes it saying "No one dies so it's not the trope" have made me consider asking for this to be renamed Poor Communication Skills. (Most recently in It Follows.)
02:28:47 AM Feb 19th 2016
edited by Booster137
I agree about changing the name, since this just happened in Steven Universe. It's kind of funny really, the fact that this trope has such a name makes it a Self-Demonstrating Article.
01:31:35 AM Jul 1st 2014
I think I just watched this trope happen at the end of the second episode of Sword Art Online.

After playing a central role in beating a big boss, the main character is accused of witholding prior knowledge about the big boss that would have saved a guy's life who was killed in the battle with the boss. In actuality, both he and the guy who was killed had the same information, which turned out to be incorrect information. He had a "player's guide" proving that this is in fact the information he had, which he could have pointed out to his accusers, but instead, he puts on a facade, claiming that he's an elitist and selfish person, and is then willingly ostracised.
01:37:24 AM Jul 1st 2014
that is, basically he could have said "Yes I was a beta tester, but the info I gained from fighting this guy in the beta test is not valid anymore. You can see in the player's guide, which is written by a beta tester, that the boss was supposed to have this other kind of sword. Instead, he switched to a completely different sword and style. So, I couldn't have saved Mr. Blue Hair because the info I had was invalid, and I was just as caught off guard as he was." This also would have helped make everyone involved aware of the very important point that the player's guide may not always have correct information so one should be very careful how one uses it.
06:15:11 PM Aug 20th 2013
edited by
It should be better clarified that death is not required for this trope. The name is "kills" because it's a good pun for "skills", not because someone has to die from the lack of communication.

The Laconic explanation: Characters do not communicate with each other when needed, causing problems.

(Bold mine)
11:48:43 AM Oct 13th 2010
Although this trope is supposed to be used only when the communication happens out of character, what about cases where it's not necessarily out of character but poor communication between some of the characters ends up killing anyway? (For instance, all the murders committed in Detective Conan by people with completely mistaken motives.)
05:22:40 PM Jan 31st 2011
On the other hand, there are some times when poor communication is completely within character for the story, and it does end up killing (or at least harming).

If this trope is ONLY when the miscommuication is U Njustified. There must be a trope name for when miscommunication IS justified.
11:28:04 AM Sep 17th 2010
edited by MCE
No sure if Men in Black should be on the list, The alien's message was "The galaxy is one orion's belt" unfortunately he left out two key pieces of information, Orion is the name of his cat and by belt he meant collar. Because of this at least one person died and their was huge amounts of property damage as well as evidence of aliens and secret technology. Admittedly he was dying, but saying "my cat has the galaxy on his collar" would have save people a lot of trouble. Idiot Ball territory perhaps.
11:57:17 AM Sep 17th 2010
Not Idiot Ball. The alien clearly wasn't that great at speaking English (note at one point he mutters, "What is word?" when he can't think of the translation of something). He did say "My cat has the Galaxy on his collar," just not in those words. He got "belt" mixed up with "collar", and Jay didn't know that "Orion" was the name of his cat.
04:43:04 PM Sep 17th 2010
The communication issue did cause death and destruction though.
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