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03:18:42 AM Dec 10th 2016
Does politically incorrect villain only refer to discriminating against people based on race/gender? Would it also apply to a villain (or on that note, also for a Politically Incorrect Hero) if their prejudice was against homosexuals, people of a certain political allegiance or people who follow a religion?
07:02:58 PM Dec 23rd 2012
Racist people being evil is subjective? I swear, the recent "additions" to TV tropes has it slowly turning into one of the worst sites on the net.
08:25:47 PM May 30th 2015
I agree, this is just ridiculous.
01:19:32 AM May 31st 2015
Where does it say so?
07:46:07 AM Jun 1st 2015
Considering the original post is nearly three years old, if there was such a reference, it was probably edited out years ago.
12:29:34 PM Sep 10th 2012
I removed this — Discontinuity is now just disambiguation. Before restoring it, please figure out whether it is Canon Discontinuity, Fanon Discontinuity, Negative Continuity, Retcon, or Continuity Snarl, and change it to the correct trope. Fanon Discontinuity goes in YMMV.

  • Earning it Discontinuity status, the fourth Earthsea novel, Tehanu, turns a villain who was previously defined by Immortality Immorality into a raging misogynist.
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