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03:57:18 AM Dec 17th 2013

this is my first contribution, and I was wondering whether it was a suitable entry, and how it should be worded properly with spoilers, tvtropes terminology and the like. Thanks!

[[folder:Films — Live-Action]]
  • In Harry Potter, Professor Slughorn refuses to remember what young Tom Riddle asks about
02:11:29 AM Dec 18th 2013
Welcome! This incident is a good example, but it needs more context so that anyone can understand why it is significant. Here's an updated version; I've tried to spoiler tag the same things as are considered spoilers on the pages for the book and film, but I'm not sure I've got it right, so it'd be great if you could help with that. The format for spoiler tags is [[spoiler:(stuff under spoiler)]].

  • In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Professor Slughorn's memories of a young Lord Voldemort are key to stopping him now. However, Slughorn is so ashamed of what he said that he has obscured the memories. This is done with white fog in the book and muted sound in the film. It takes a lot of persuasion and a bit of luck to get the original memories, where it turns out that Voldemort asked about Horcruxes and Slughorn told him how to make them.
02:53:25 AM Dec 18th 2013
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I suppose the circumstances would warrant calling it an [1], right? I'm not sure about the other things, what to hide or mark as spoilers. TV Tropes articles are a lot more difficult to write than Wikipedia articles, ha!
06:07:38 AM Dec 18th 2013
(You don't need to use [[ ]] around a plain Wiki Word link. See the Text Formatting Rules for more info.)

Yes, it is invoked. I've added it to the page.

And yet I find Wikipedia articles much harder to write than TVT ones. XD There's a guide on How to Write an Example if you want some help.
08:21:04 AM Dec 18th 2013
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Now, if only that guide could actually teach to write entertaining entries! Following rules and writing encyclopedic texts is one thing, but putting a witty trope entry together is another story altogether. Sometimes you have to beat them to death with their own shoes ...
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